Lacrosse Tournements - Events - Shootouts - Invitationals

We can create online registration, schedule fields,refs and vendors for your event 
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We will create a standard online form that gathers all the normal data and event needs. We will provide a description of your event, Qualifications (Age or DOB) and Cost of you event.  We can provide 'Early Bird" discounts or discount codes, if needed. 

We will work side-by-side to get your event stood up and ready to start registering players.

STANDARD TEMPLATE Features include:  
  • Team selection (If there are multiple)
  • First and last name
  • Address
  • Contact info
  • Emergency contact info
  • Terms and Conditions (if required).
  • USL# (If required)
  • Discount Code
  • Jersey sizes and numbers
  • and more...
  1. Admin access to your team. You will also have access to the rosters so you can see who is on what team. 
  2. Email distrobustion to reach all your players and parents.
  3. Create your team/s for selection
  4. Registration Confirmation email sent with important information, any documents you need signed, and payment details to the customer.
  5. Notification email sent to you after each player sign up
  6. Manage the team/s and assign Jersey/Pinnie numbers.
  7. We can even send payment directly to your PayPal.

Need additional fields and/or data?
Not a problem for an additional fee we can add custom fields so you get the information necessary like:

  • Birth Certificates or proof of age
  • We can add purchase items and add the costs into registration.
  • or just about anything you want to add

For the Standard Template (additional feature requests for any items out of scope charges will apply)

10% of all transaction - We will take payments on your behalf, cut you a check after the event is over.

NEED Refs? - We can also schedule your refs (Only for events using NWLAX Events)